Diagnostic Colour Atlas of Pathology

This Diagnostic Colour Atlas of Bee Pathology is the first atlas
of its kind (bilingual german/english). This atlas provides the essential basics necessary for understanding the functional anatomy of honey bees and the pathogenesis of bee diseases. With its more than 350 colourful pictures it is an informative and descriptive reference book for the diagnosis of honey bee diseases to be used by pathologists, scientists, and students but also by interested beekeepers.

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PCR detection of Bucella canis

A realtime PCR for the direct detection of Brucella canis is now available at LABOKLIN.
Canine brucellosis is a contagious infection caused by the gram-negative bacterium Brucella canis. The disease is characterized by abortion and infertility in females, epididymitis, orchitis and testicular atrophy in males, and occasionally diskospondylitis, osteomyelitis and uveitis.

Sample material: swabs without medium (cervix, preputium), EDTA blood, sperm, urine, (faeces, milk), tissue (abortion material)


PCR detection of Equine Coronavirus (ECoV)

A realtime PCR for the direct detection of equine coronavirus is now available at LABOKLIN.

Especially in adult horses and during cold weather months, ECoV is associated with anorexia, lethargy, fever, changes in fecal character (diarrhea is not routinely seen), and mild colicy-like signs.

Sample material: faeces



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