PCR detection of Equine Coronavirus (ECoV)

A realtime PCR for the direct detection of equine coronavirus is now available at LABOKLIN.

Especially in adult horses and during cold weather months, ECoV is associated with anorexia, lethargy, fever, changes in fecal character (diarrhea is not routinely seen), and mild colicy-like signs.

Sample material: faeces


SDMA test available

Chronic kidney disease as well as the early detection in the creatinine blind zone is still a big issue in small animal practice. The protein-creatinine ratio indicates the increased excretion of protein before the creatinine retention. A new parameter, SDMA (symmetric dimethylarginine), originates from the degradation of muscle cells and is excreted exclusively via the kidneys. SDMA is supposed to detect the early stages of renal dysfunction reliably and with low interference. Newer publications reported a significant inverse correlation between the glomerular filtration rate and SDMA in cats. We recommend the SDMA test in cases where an early-stage renal dysfunction is supposed.

Species: dogs and cats (for now)

Sample material: serum (LiHep plasma) (0.5 ml)


FIV-PCR: faster confirmation of positive antibody titres is now possible

In addition to our quantitative FIV-PCR (partnerlab, test duration: 1-2 weeks, including provirus load for therapy control), you have now the opportunity to request our new qualitative FIV-PCR (inhouse PCR, test duration: 1-3 working days, no provirus load). With this PCR, a confirmation of positive FIV antibody titres is now possible within 1-3 working days.


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